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PWM Jetport
Portland International Jetport Plan

Portland International Jetport

Portland, Maine

Coffman Associates has been a planning partner to Portland International Jetport since 1994. The Jetport’s location adjacent to numerous wetlands and historic neighborhoods required special attention to preserving the unique aspects of these features, and community outreach has played an important role in finalizing plans and securing approval. Coffman Associates was involved in the Jetport’s Sustainable Master Plan, completed in 2016, which was designed to guide future airport development while achieving the Jetport’s sustainability goals. Special attention was given to greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation, waste management and recycling, social responsibility, and governance.

Project History

Sustainable Master Plan & eALP 2018 | Environmental Assessment 2017, 2010, 2003, 2001 | Master Plan 2008, 1994, 1986 | Digital Inspection App 2017 | Terminal Area Study 2007 | Catch Basin Mapping - 2017 | RSA Analysis 1995 | Parcel Development Study 1999 | CatEx 2004