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special projects rates and charges

Other Types of Specific Studies

Coffman Associates is experienced in all facets of airport planning – including projects that go beyond master plans, noise studies, environmental assessments, and site selections. We have prepared a variety of special studies to complement other airport planning efforts. To see all our projects refer to our client map.

  • FAA Airport Capital Improvement Programs (ACIP)
  • Grant Applications
  • Grant/Program Management
  • Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Applications
  • 14 CFR Part 139 Certification Programs
  • Airport Zoning (Airport Overlay Zoning; Height and Hazard Zoning)
  • Runway Safety Area Determinations
  • Property Acquisition Programs
  • Preparation of Airport Property Map (Exhibit A)
  • Grant Assurance Compliance
  • Economic Benefit Analysis
  • Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Rates and Fees Analysis
  • Air Cargo Analysis
  • Business Park Planning
  • Air Service Evaluations
  • Lease Evaluations
  • Minimum Standards/Rules and Regulations
  • Airport Geographic Information Obstruction Analysis
  • FAA Design Standards Evaluation
  • Airport Layout Plan Updates/Revalidations
  • “Through-The-Fence” Evaluations
  • Pilot Guides
  • Public Relations Programs
  • Promotional/Marketing Material
  • Graphic Design/Printing
  • Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Management Plans
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Programs