Glendale EAThe Glendale Municipal Airport’s Proposed Runway Protection Zones (RPZs) Property Acquisition Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared to provide the City of Glendale with environmental clearance under NEPA and the FAA’s NEPA Implementing Guidelines. The proposed project involves the acquisition of approximately 38.5 acres of adjacent property located within the airport’s RPZs. Environmental issues evaluated in the EA included compatible land use, construction and visual impacts related to installation of a perimeter fence, biotic resources, socioeconomic concerns, and cumulative impacts, and involved field surveys to confirm and document a lack of significant cultural resources and hazardous materials. The Draft EA is currently available for public and agency review. Following the close of the public review period, any final comments on the environmental consequences will be addressed and a Final EA will be prepared.

 Proposed Land Acquisition
Glendale EA graphic