Coffman Associates is currently in the process of developing a Master Plan for the Easterwood Airport. Easterwood Airport is a commercial service airport and is owned and operated by Texas A&M University. The airport experiences approximately 70,000 annual enplanements and receives service from several different carriers. Enplanement forecasts were developed that take into consideration the ever-changing fleet mix of passenger aircraft used at the airport. The airlines currently utilize a mix of regional jets and larger turboprop aircraft. The airport also experiences a significant level of charter activity, primarily to move various athletic teams, which utilize B-737, MD-83, and B-757 passenger aircraft. Easterwood Airport also supports an active general aviation community. There is a dedicated general aviation terminal building and support services. Texas A&M University supports an active aviation program and flying club. The airport also supports local businesses with several turboprops and business jets based at the airport.


Recommended Airport Master Plan Concept

Easterwood MP Concept