Moses Lake MPGrant County International Airport is unusual among general aviation airports in that its critical design aircraft is the Boeing 777-300, one of the largest commercial transport aircraft. While passenger service is not available, the Boeing Company utilizes the long runways for test flights for most aircraft they manufacture. The airport is also home to Big Bend Community College which has a thriving aviation program, including nearly 30 based training aircraft. In addition, the airport experiences extensive military activity, including the KC-135s, C-17s, and F-18s. The biggest challenge for the airport has been generating enough revenue to maintain the extensive infrastructure conveyed from the military while prioritizing the numerous capital improvements needed. For the master plan project, new airport survey data was collected in a GIS-compliant format. Our analysis of this data, including use of 3D visualization, helped identify a significant line-of-sight issue pertaining to the main runway. One of the first projects included in the Master Plan capital program is to utilize FAA grant funds to resolve this issue, thereby permitting the runway to be open for operations at nighttime.

Recommended Master Plan Concept

Moses Lake MPconcept