Kona International Airport at Keahole is a small hub commercial service airport serving the west coast of the big island of Hawaii. An 11,000 foot runway allows for international and mainland flights. The west coast is one of the fastest growing areas in the islands. A growing tourism industry and an increase in second homes contributed to activity that was already exceeding the forecasts of the previous master plan. As part of the master plan team, Coffman Associates recommended ways to increase airfield capacity first with an independent helicopter facility to serve both tour operators and training, and ultimately a parallel runway. A new air cargo facility was planned for a more functional and expandable location. The plan also addressed the needs of general aviation which had been largely underserved. The firm worked with the rest of the project team towards a modernization plan for the passenger terminal. A key factor was maintaining the Hawaiian sense of place, not only at the terminal but throughout the land use development plan for the airport.

Recommended Airport Master Plan Concept

Kona MP Concept