Los Alamos MPLos Alamos Airport has a unique one-way-in/one-way-out single runway system due to its location and elevation on the Pajarito Plateau within the Jemez Mountains. This airport was originally constructed to support the national security activities of the Departments of Energy and Defense during World War II. Today the airport is owned by Los Alamos County. It serves the needs of the general aviation community (including Los Alamos National Laboratory) and supports scheduled commuter passenger service to Albuquerque. Five specific development strategies emerged during the master planning process: 1) Construct taxiway access to the threshold to eliminate the existing need for all aircraft to back-taxi on the runway prior to departure; 2) Remove/relocate a row of privately owned hangars which are currently too close to the runway; 3) Identify the most suitable location for a replacement terminal building; 4) Implement declared distances in order to provide adequate safety area surrounding the runway; 5) Identify projects related to the introduction of commercial passenger air service.


Los Alamos Airport Master Plan Concept