Monterey MPCoffman Associates was retained by the Monterey Peninsula Airport District to update the Master Plan for Monterey Regional Airport with a major Sustainability Element. The last master plan undertaken for the Airport dates to 1992, although updates to the Airport Layout Plan drawings have been undertaken as recently as 2013. The sustainability element was undertaken concurrently with the master plan, identifying sustainability goals, objectives, and current resource consumption in the first phase of the study. The second phase examined performance targets and involves the preparation of an implementation plan. An Airport Land Use Compatibility Analysis and Environmental Reviews have also been included under the contract. The well-coordinated planning effort included seven meetings with a Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and six Public Information Workshops. The PAC was represented by two dozen participants from federal, state, and local organizations, including the general public. The meetings were scheduled at 2-3 month intervals over an 18-month schedule.

Recommended Master Plan Concept

Monterey MPconcept