Nogales MPNogales International Airport is a general aviation airport that is owned and operated by Santa Cruz County, Arizona. The airport, located on the international border with Mexico, is a port-of-entry for international travelers and is utilized for air charter/air cargo activities associated with the many manufacturing businesses on both sides of the border. A full range of general aviation services are also provided by the airport’s fixed base operator (FBO). The Master Plan analyzed airfield and landside conditions and recommended projects to improve operational efficiency and safety while meeting FAA design standards. Airfield projects include: widening the taxiway system to accommodate a larger segment of aircraft; a 300-foot extension of the runway and taxiway stub modifications to conform to FAA airport design and runway length design standards; acquisition of approximately 22 acres of property to protect runway approaches and to allow for the construction of a perimeter service road. Landside projects are geared towards segregating the different users of the airport to the greatest extent possible by designating development areas for larger business and cargo aircraft facilities and areas for smaller general aviation aircraft facilities. An environmental overview was also prepared to identify any potential environmental concerns that must be addressed prior to the implementation of recommended projects.

Recommended Airport Master Plan Concept

Nogales MP Concept