North Texas Regional Airport lies approximately 60 miles north of the DFW Metroplex, adjacent to both Sherman and Denison, TX. Originally operated as Perrin Air Force Base, North Texas Regional Airport now provides substantial facilities for general aviation. The airport has a 9,000-foot by 150-foot runway capable of accommodating all general aviation aircraft and could potentially serve as a cargo airport. The airport is afforded excellent regional surface transportation networks with newly constructed State Highway 289 running parallel and adjacent to the west side of the airport. As a result, the Master Plan focuses on utilizing portions of airport property for specialty aviation operations such as air cargo and MRO activities. Currently, the majority of airport facilities are located on the east side of the airport; however, State Highway 289 now offers ideal roadway access to over 300 acres of shovel-ready property on the west side of the airport. In addition to planning for specific landside improvements, the Master Plan is also evaluating the potential re-activation of a parallel runway at the airport to accommodate flight training and other specialized aviation operations. In conjunction with the Master Plan, a land use/zoning ordinance is being developed that will serve to better protect the airport and adjacent properties as the DFW urban sprawl continues to track farther north toward the airport. As a result, the study will provide airport staff and interested stakeholders with a detailed plan for development on and around the airport.

Recommended Airport Master Plan Concept