Salina MPSalina Regional Airport is a limited commercial service airport located in central Kansas. It is the site of the former Schilling Air Force Base and currently hosts the Kansas State University Aviation program, as well as a Kansas National Guard wing, active military and NOAA training, active involvement in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and managing a large industrial park. Salina Regional Airport has a rich aviation history and was the site of the takeoff and landing of Steve Fosset’s 2005 non-stop, around the world trip. The Master Plan focus was on runway use and allocation of the vast amount of apron space on the airport’s north end and incorporating the development of an aviation museum. An ALP update was performed using data acquired from the eALP survey and imagery. Salina has no GIS but uses a series of CAD files to manage airport data. Coffman Associates developed an airport database which accommodates the eALP data and the additional data from the CAD system. Coffman Associates built a cloud-based system using the eALP data for the lifecycle of the project.

Recommended Master Plan Concept

Salina MPconcept