Scottsdale MPCoffman Associates initially began serving the City of Scottsdale in 1985 by conducting a new Airport Master Plan and Part 150 Study. The airport, which has over 300 based aircraft and recorded nearly 150,000 annual operations in 2012, is also home to 95 based business jets. The rapid growth of the Phoenix/Scottsdale area has resulted in several updates of the Airport Master Plan and the Part 150 Study as the City has continuously needed to address increased corporate jet and helicopter activity, as well as land use compatibility issues. Coffman Associates has recently completed its third Airport Master Plan for the airport, as well as an Environmental Assessment for proposed runway improvements. Over the last three decades, the airport has expanded from a 4,800-foot long runway serving small general aviation aircraft to its present 8,249-foot length, regularly serving large corporate aircraft with “through-the-fence” access to the adjacent 2,500-acre industrial airpark. As a result of the rapid changes in the airport’s facilities, Coffman Associates has regularly conducted FAA design standard and capacity studies. In response to FAA’s Runway Safety Area Program, a detailed review of the airport’s runway safety areas was conducted, resulting in several recommended changes and improvements

Recommended Master Plan Concept

Scottsdale MPconcept