Wickenburg MPThe Wickenburg Municipal Airport was located on its current site following a land donation by the Wellik family in the late 1960s. Initially constructed to a length of 4,800 feet, the runway/taxiway system has been extensively updated and now supports a length of 6,100 feet and meets all FAA design standards for its category. The Town of Wickenburg is located 60 miles northwest of the Phoenix metropolitan area, along U.S. Highway 60. The master plan identified several development projects on the airfield, including: installation of an instrument approach using global positioning systems (GPS), replacement of runway/taxiway lighting systems with LED technology, replacement of the general aviation terminal building in a new location, a designated area for helicopter operations, extension of the on-airport access road (to future hangars and ramp areas), and opportunities for revenue enhancement on the airport property. The plan was approved by the Town Council in April 2013.

Recommended Airport Master Plan Concept

Wickenburg MP Concept 2