Airport Noise and Land Use Compatibility Analyses

Coffman Associates’ experience undertaking noise and land use analyses for airports began in the early 1980s through the preparation of the one of the first Airport Noise Compatibility and Land Use Study. Since that time, we have undertaken numerous 14 CFR Part 150 studies, airport land use compatible studies, and stand-alone airport noise analyses. Our staff is considered leaders in the noise modeling arena and have a strong understanding of FAA’s requirements regarding noise analysis. We were one of the first firms to undertake noise measurements “in the field” to assist airports with identifying and addressing noise incompatibility issues.

More recently, Coffman Associates has been assisting airports across the country with wildlife compatibility issues, which sprang to the forefront following the Hudson River airline crash on January 15, 2009. Populations of many of the wildlife species commonly involved in strikes have increased in recent decades; therefore, the risk of wildlife strikes to aircraft has become much greater. Our 33 years’ of airport compatibility planning experience allows us to prepare wildlife hazard assessments and management plans with workable solutions that do not put an undue burden on operations or future growth at the airport.