Bob Hope 150Burbank Bob Hope Airport is owned and operated by the Burbank Pasadena Glendale Airport Authority. Bob Hope Airport is unique in terms of noise compatibility because the Airport Authority has no land use planning authority outside of airport property. In addition, Bob Hope Airport is located within a densely developed area in one of the busiest and most complex airspace environments in the world. Bob Hope Airport is also had a long history of aircraft noise issues. Coffman Associates previously prepared the Bob Hope Airport’s Part 150 Study in 2000, and since that time, substantial changes in the aviation industry have occurred. Increased use of quieter aircraft, reduced operation levels, and scheduled airlines observing the Bob Hope Airport’s 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. voluntary curfew, have all played a major role in the reduction of nighttime aviation-related noise since the last Part 150 study was prepared. Additionally, the Burbank Bob Hope Airport has conducted an extensive sound insulation program for residences near the airport. In order to continue to receive money from the FAA for the sound insulation program, an updated Part 150 study was required.