More hangar space will be needed at East Texas Regional Airport, master plan says

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Gregg County will need 200,000 square feet more hangar space to accommodate a growing number of aircraft based at East Texas Regional Airport, according to consultants who are creating an airport master plan, but it’s unclear where that space will come from.

Port of Friday Harbor staff drafts new airport master plan

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After spending $1 million rebuilding the airstrip, the Friday Harbor Airport is required to create a new master plan, due to stricter enforcement of Federal Aviation Administration guidelines regarding buffers between taxiways and runways.

Superior Airport masterplanning underway

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In late 2016, the Town of Superior was awarded a grant from the Arizona Department of Transportation Aeronautics division to conduct a master plan for the Superior Municipal Airport.

Airports play key component to city’s budget

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The next time you take a trip, know that your airport is helping you out even before take-off and after landing.

Falcon Field pursuing biomedical tech campus development

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While all eyes are on the high-profile SkyBridge development at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Mesa’s smaller airpark is making headway on a business park project of its own.

Scottsdale Airport’s multimillion dollar makeover underway

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Multimillion-dollar renovation projects are underway at the Scottsdale Airport, adding amenities for pilots and residents alike, including a tribute to the area’s World War II roots.

Check out our ad and links to our clients’ success stories in Airport Improvement

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Scottsdale Airport and Laughlin Bullhead International Airport were recently featured in Airport Improvement Magazine for recently completed improvement projects. Coffman Associates was involved in the planning and environmental process for these projects, and proud to have contributed to the success of both of these airports for over three decades.

Empty acres, room to grow

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If your business involves warehousing, light or heavy manufacturing or data center activity, know this: Developers of business parks in the Albuquerque area are eager to be your landlords.

Scottsdale Airport $27M redevelopment breaks ground July 12

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Scottsdale Airport will host a ceremonial groundbreaking to officially mark the launch of the terminal area redevelopment project.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is economic engine that East Valley was ‘praying’ for after 25 years

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Mesa Mayor John Giles was a first-time council member in the 1990s just after the U.S. Air Force handed over the keys to Williams Air Force Base, allowing the East Valley to repurpose the base into a regional airport.

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