No Textbooks, Real-World Experiences Prepare Industry-Ready Graduates

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Coffman Associates has been helping Dr. Tara Harl as one of a team of industry leaders teaching labs to the airport management students at Kansas State University, Salina.

Santa Maria’s future up in the air

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Like most towns in America, Santa Maria has been struggling with what it wants to be when it grows up.

Hillsboro Airport to begin years-long master plan process this month

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The Port of Portland is kicking off a two-year-long project to update the Hillsboro Airport Master Plan to determine how the airport will need to grow in order to meet demand over the next two decades.

Flying first class in Flagstaff

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Flagstaff Airport now offering a first class option to passengers.

Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport expansions continue

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The Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport has undergone several expansion projects in recent years, with plans for more.

Wildlife: One of the Biggest Concerns Facing Airports Today

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Wildlife continues to pose a threat to safety in aviation. Airports are working hard to mitigate the dangers through collaborative efforts with the FAA, sponsors, and consultants.

Coyotes showing up at Arlington Airport, City working on plan to keep them away

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By Tim Ciesco, NBCDFW 5 News No matter where they are, all airports, big and small, have run-ins with wildlife. For many, that begins and ends with birds. But the Arlington Municipal Airport has found itself getting frequent visits from some much larger critters. The airport backs up to a wooded area along Fish Creek where […]

Airports and GIS: Your Questions Answered

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Many people have questions about GIS how airports can use this technology. Today, we answer those questions.

Airports and Sustainability: Building a Better Future by Going Green

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With an ever-growing focus on sustainability, airports around the globe are doing their part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Matt Quick Earns Recognition as One of Airport Business Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40

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Huge congratulations go out to Matt Quick, who recently was announced as one of Airport Business magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” recipients.

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