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ABQ Sunport
Albuquerque Master Plan

Monterey Regional

Monterey, California

Coffman Associates has completed a number of studies for Monterey Regional Airport, including master plans, land use compatibility plans, wildlife hazard assessments, and environmental studies. An Environmental Impact Report was finalized in 2018 that drew on in-depth field studies at the airport, such as air quality and greenhouse gas modeling, vehicular traffic analysis, and cultural and biological surveys. With the EIR complete, the airport now plans to move forward with safety enhancement plans.

Project History

Environmental Assessment 2019, 2016, 2011 | Environmental Impact Report 2016, 2011 | Master Plan & eALP 2013 | Airport Layout Plan Update 2017, 2012 | RSA/Construction Plan 2015 | Initial Study 2015 | Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan 2013 | Wildlife Hazard Management Plan 2012 | Part 150 Noise Study 2008