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ABQ Sunport
Hawthorne airport Plan

Hawthorne Municipal Airport

Hawthorne, California

As one of the most constrained airfields in the United States, noise impacts and land use compatibility are a top priority for the airport and the City of Hawthorne. Coffman Associates has worked with the airport for nearly 20 years and recently completed an update to the City's Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study. The Part 150 plan evaluated a full range of options for mitigating noise impacts, including overlay zoning, property acquisition, and residential sound-insulation so that local officials can meet the increasing aviation demand, while continuing to be a good neighbor.

Project History

Airport Layout Plan Update 2017, 2000 | Hangar CatEx 2017 | Wildlife Support Services 2015 | Part 150 Noise Study 2011 | Master Plan 2005