Environmental issues around airports are concerns many of our clients have faced. We are trained in developing innovative ways to reduce the environmental consequences of airport projects, such as an airport's impact on water features, surrounding populations, and other environmental and community aspects.

Coffman Associates is a leader in the preparation of environmental studies for airport development projects.  We are well-versed in the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and federal and state special purpose laws that govern project approvals and permit issuance. From an environmental perspective, our top priority is guiding our clients through the environmental approval process as expeditiously as possible, identifying issues early in the process and ensuring that these are competently managed.



Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport is a general aviation airport situated in the heart of downtown Kansas City. This location, coupled with the Missouri River flowing adjacent to airport, poses some unique challenges from a planning standpoint. Coffman Associates evaluated development constraints as well as environmental impacts due to proposed development, specifically impacts to surrounding floodplains. Extensive coordination with the FAA and other government agencies was required to ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Project History

Environmental Assessment 2008 | Master Plan – 2004


Mesa-Falcon Field supports a robust general aviation sector, with approximately 20,000 operations each month and more than 700 based aircraft. Over the years, the airport has worked to improve facilities on both the airside and landside to meet growing demand. In 2016, the airport partnered with Coffman Associates to prepare an environmental assessment for the proposed Mesa Falcon Tech Center, an undeveloped 70-acre tract within airport property. The project included multiple environmental studies. The Tech Center was ultimately approved for development.

Project History

Master Plan 2019 | Falcon Tech Center EA 2018 | Empire Hangar CatEx 2018 | Signs/Lighting Study 2016


Coffman Associates has completed a number of studies for Monterey Regional Airport, including master plans, land use compatibility plans, wildlife hazard assessments, and environmental studies. An Environmental Impact Report was finalized in 2018 that drew on in-depth field studies at the airport, such as air quality and greenhouse gas modeling, vehicular traffic analysis, and cultural and biological surveys. With the EIR complete, the airport now plans to move forward with safety enhancement plans.

Project History

Environmental Assessment 2019, 2016, 2011 | Environmental Impact Report 2016, 2011 | Master Plan & eALP 2013 | Airport Layout Plan Update 2017, 2012 | RSA/Construction Plan 2015 | Initial Study 2015 | Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan 2013 | Wildlife Hazard Management Plan 2012 | Part 150 Noise Study 2008